Philips 5R4GYS Made in Holland

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Philips 5R4GYS Made in Holland

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to diminishing quantities, this tube is now reserved for Verified PrimaLuna Owners only. To be verified, you must have purchased a new PrimaLuna Preamp from an Authorized Dealer. Submit a copy of your invoice by email and then call to place your order. Thank you.

The best buy and best made 5AR4/5U4G that we have or ever had. Made in Holland, where the famous Amperex Bugle Boy tubes were made. First-rate, absolutely stunning tubes.

Like the 5U4G, these are a bit taller, and a little bigger in circumference than a typical 5AR4. They require 5 inches of clearance from the tube socket base to the top of the tube. (see the picture above for measurements). The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium and DiaLogue have a 4 7/8" clearance and they just touch the cage...this is absolutely no problem. We are running them here that way. This is mostly for folks who may want to use these in an enclosed piece of gear that may have limited clearance... if your equipment keeps them out in the open, the ST-shaped glass will look stunning.

Note: If you have a Bob Latino amplifier, we do not have any suggestions on what to use. Talk to other owners to see what works best. The 5R4GYS does NOT work in those amplifiers.

Here's what Bob Levi had to say in his review, published on Positive Feedback Online

Hot Review: The NOS Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier Tube (Replaces GZ34/5AR4) - Bargain Priced! Awesome Sound!
by Bob Levi

This 1960's made tube developed for rugged video application has been found in quantity by Upscale Audio, in Upland, CA. Kevin Deal searches the world for new old stock tubes hidden in the wildest places, and he struck gold here! It may have been made for video, but it kicks ass for audio!!

From Upscale:

Product Description


The Sound

I compared them to the holy grail of rectifiers, the Mullard GZ34/5AR4 which I bought used for $80. New is $250, if you can find them. In the ModWright PS9 Power supply and in a Dynaco Stereo 70, the Phillips worked wonders. I experienced more definition, more subtlety, more elegance, tighter imaging, fleshier, quicker, added depth, and just more realism. Vocals are better than ever, and alive with inner definition and nuance.

This is a ModWright alert for sure. If you use the PS9, get this tube, but forget the cage. It is two inches higher than the cage top. Amazing improvement will be on tap! You will be stunned by the overall improvement over the stock tube, or your NOS upgrade you paid dearly for. They should work well in any Cary application. Ask Upscale for advice on this.

The 5R4GYS is totally compatible with the GZ34/5AR4 so no worries. ...

Since 5AR4's last 20-30,000 hours, do not wait until your tube dies to buy this, because Upscale will run out. Buy one or two now and take your precious Mullard and keep it as backup. The Philips is way beyond the GE, HT, Sovtek, JJ, and any others. I have tried them all I assure you. This is a cut above the PrimaLuna-made tube as well, and I really like the PrimaLuna rectifier a lot.

The 5R4GYS is a great looking tube, too. It has brought new life and authority to my ModWright Sony which I already considered reference grade. Kevin, keep up the great work and good hunting! The Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier Tube from Holland is the very best I have heard and tested to date! Highest recommendation!