Perfect Vue - Museum-Quality Turntable Dust Covers

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Perfect Vue - Museum-Quality Dust Covers

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Perfect Vue dustcovers are a new level of quality never seen before. Made by the same Southern California fabricator used by museums such as the Smithsonian, Getty, and even world-famous jewelry companies displaying objects costing thousands and even millions of dollars.

Perfect Vue uses a costly and esoteric 1/4” acrylic called Green Edge for both optical clarity and stunning appearance. When Green Edge is polished at the seams, it takes on the appearance of glass. This super high polish also helps eliminate air from getting into glued joints, reducing the likelihood of joints becoming hazy over time or even failing.

Your turntable is a piece of art. Perfect Vue will not just protect it, but enhance it.

Dustcover Sizes

Marantz TT-15S1
Outer dimensions: 21" W x 16" D x 8-1/2" H
Thickness: 1/4"

VPI Super Prime Scout
Outer dimensions: 22" W x 15-1/2" D x 10-1/2" H
Thickness: 1/4"
Comes with two side handle notches, and two back notches.
Note: If you have Gaia III feet and the Prime motor housing on your Super Prime Scout, this will not fit. Please see the Audioshield AS400