Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference USB Cable

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Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference USB Cable

The Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 is revolutionary in terms of USB cable design. For the first time, Nordost is introducing a flat, twin-axial geometry to its USB cables. This innovative layout allows the two signal wires to run parallel, compared to the standard twisted-pair configuration, shortening the signal path and drastically increasing transfer speeds. Another advantage to a twin-axial design is the ability to separate the power (positive) and ground (negative) legs of the cable, isolating them from signal and each other, minimizing the effects of harmful interference. The Valhalla 2 USB 2.0 then goes one step further, taking the precaution of isolating the signal conductors, by covering each power leg with a finely-braided, silver shield, as well as enclosing both signal conductors in their own braided, silver shields. Each shield is connected to the metal-plated backshell, completely ridding the cable of any EMI or RFI and eliminating noise.


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Construction: Mechanically tuned length, dual monofilament, flat, twin-axial design, with individually shielded power and signal conductors

Conductors: 4 x 19 AWG

Material: Solid core, silver-plated 99.999999% OFC

Overall shield coverage: 100% Total coverage, dual-layer silver foil and braid, with full metal HOLO:PLUG® backshell

Velocity of propagation: 90%

Termination: Gold plated HOLO:PLUG® Type A or B USB 2.0