Mullard GZ33 / CV5745

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Mullard GZ33/CV5745

Attention! Before buying any 5AR4, 5U4, GZ33, or GZ37, here is a hot ticket from Uncle Kevvy: Buy the Philips 5R4GYS made in Holland. Click here for info. Very rare. We got a stash of them, so right now they sell at an abnormally low price and will head up to $100 each at some point. They are incredible. The only thing you have to do it make sure that sure you have enough height clearance... we provide you a picture illustrating the height of them so there's no surprises.

Now, on to the Mullard GZ33. In military boxes, produced circa 1967. This looks just like a GZ37, but is considered a superior tube. Can also be used as a GZ34 in some applications, consult with your equipment's manufacturer before use. Draws a smidge more current than a GZ34 but everybody seems to feel it’s no problem. It's slim and graceful "ST" shaped bottle make it one of the most gorgeous rectifier tubes available. Very limited stocks.