Mullard CV2493 / 6922

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Mullard 6922 - Made in Great Britain. These came in packs of 100 packed for the British military, packed in military boxes. "CV" stood for "Common Valve" and 2493 was a designation for 6922. Will give you that famous, liquid smooth Mullard midrange, with a smidge more energy on top. Great tube if your system is a little relaxed, as they will give you more sparkle in the highs.

Our remaining stock of this tube are only Driver/Buffer grade. This means they will not be suitable for use in a preamp, phonostage, the input stage of a power amp, or any circuit that is sensitive to noise or microphonics.

Driver/Buffer Grade - Lowest noise but not the lowest in microphony. Triode balance will be similar to Gold grade.
This grade is only suitable for use in the driver stage of an amplifier, or the output/buffer stage of a DAC or CD Player. Some CD players and DACs might use tubes for voltage gain; check with your manufacturer.

If you have a preamp or phonostage, you need at least Gold grade.

Click here for a more in depth discussion on how we grade tubes.

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