Monitor Audio PL500 II Loudspeaker (pair)

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Monitor Audio PL500 II Loudspeaker (pair)

Endlessly enjoyable in their layers of depth and detail, delightful musicality, and overall coherence. They can also rock out and supply slam with the best of them. In sum, whatever your sonic and electronic preferences are, you really can’t go wrong with these towering transducers, however you power or configure them. This is a whole lot of speaker for the money—and a whole lot of speaker by any measure.

Measured against its peers, there is no finer audio ambassador than the majestic PL500 II. Here you’ll discover the essence of Platinum II engineering: silken layers of the finest high frequency definition suspended on an explicit midrange, seamlessly underpinned by a deep, clean and responsive bass foundation. More than ever the sound has a physical authority, conveying the ‘live’ character of instruments, voices and atmospheres as if they had materialised three-dimensionally in the air around you. This is fidelity in the raw, magnificent in stature, seductive for its rhythmic subtlety and utterly captivating in the sheer magnitude of its dynamic impact. Our most sophisticated system of no fewer than four 8” RDT®II bass drivers, twin 4” RDT II midrange transducers and MPD tweeter will render the entire harmonic sweep of every work with pin sharp timing and accuracy. Your music and film sound alive, immersive and uncompromised.

  • 4 x 8" RDT®II long throw bass drivers
  • 2 x 4" RDT II mid-range drivers
  • MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer designed specifically for Platinum II
  • 4 x HiVe®II ports
  • New patented 'DCF' (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism for more natural sound
  • Bespoke speaker terminals and footings
  • Underhung, edge-wound voice coils: greater driver efficiency and lifelike dynamics, less distortion
  • Bolt through drivers: clearer sound and cleaner aesthetics
  • Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) mid-range housings and baffle components: reduced cabinet vibration, purer sound quality
  • TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure) sealed internal enclosure for mid-range drivers: greater sound accuracy and reduced cabinet vibration
  • Hand-upholstered front baffle: the very highest quality Inglestone leather supplied by Andrew Muirhead
  • Individual driver grilles
  • Finish options: Santos Rosewood or Ebony natural wood veneers with clear gloss piano lacquer, or Piano black gloss lacquer


System Format: 3 Way - 7 Driver

Frequency Response (-6 dB - IEC 268-13): 22 Hz - 100 kHz

Sensitivity (1 W @ 1 M): 91 dB

Maximum S.P.L.: 120 dBA (pair)

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ω (4.2 Ω min. @ 120 Hz)

Power Handling (RMS): 400 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 150 - 400 W

Cabinet Design: Four HiVe®II ports, Sealed mid-range TLE enclosure

Drivers: 4 x 8" RDT®II long-throw bass drivers, 2 x 4" RDT II mid-range driver,
1 x MPD high frequency transducer

Crossover Frequency: MF/HF 3.6 kHz, LF/MF 460 Hz

External Dimensions (Inc. plinth) (H x W x D): 1803 x 504 x 626 mm (71 x 19 13/16 x 24 5/8 inch)

External Dimensions (Inc. feet & spikes) (H x W x D): 1848 x 504 x 626 mm (72 3/4 x 19 13/16 x 24 5/8 inch)

Weight (each): 99.1 kg (218 lb)