Kimber USB Cable

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Kimber USB - The popular USB interface now plays an important role in both consumer and professional audio and video. Audio devices that utilize USB data modes require reliable transfer of data to operate properly. To address this need Kimber Kable created high performance USB type cables.

The Kimber Mini BUS and B BUS cables utilize copper conductors with an unusually thick (6.1%) silver plating to enhance conductivity and signal support. The largest gauge conductors possible under USB specification are used for both the signal and power conductors. A high performance nitrogen-infused polyethylene (PE) dielectric is used on the signal conductors to maximize signal integrity. Ferrite noise reduction beads are used on both ends of the cable to prevent interference of the delicate data stream.

The Kimber USB cable is available terminated with a USB A-type connector on one end, and a standard B BUS type on the other. The A-type connector is the standard connector that you plug into your computer. Most USB DACs will require a standard B BUS connector. If your gear calls for a Mini B-type connector, please call to order.

USB cables cannot be treated on the Nordost Vidar system.