Focal Spectral 40th Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each) (DEMO)

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Focal Spectral 40th Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each) 

We have just one demo pair of these left. They are in pristine condition with very low hours. One of the last nearly new pairs of these beautiful, limited-edition loudspeakers in existence!


I loved the Focal Spectral 40th. It exhibited the finest midrange I’ve heard in my room, and a near-perfect top end. Men’s and women’s voices were reproduced with a spooky vibrancy and presence and, more important, with no hint of glare or edge. I found its seemingly impossible marriage of a very upfront, detailed, and forward-sounding midrange to a buttery-smooth ease of sound absolutely intoxicating to listen to. The top end had superb “out-of-cabinet” extension, and delicate decay. The Focals’ bass was tight, fast, ample, and completely satisfying, without ever booming in my relatively small room. The Spectral 40th’s transparency was also topnotch -- I could hear every detail of the music, but never did I “hear” the cabinets.


In celebration of its fortieth anniversary, Focal introduces an incredible loudspeaker: Spectral 40th!  To commemorate this fantastic event and 40 years of passion and innovation dedicated to music, Focal has developed some exceptional products across its various collections. And the Home collection takes centre stage in particular with Spectral 40th: a high-end, neo-retro acoustic loudspeaker that brings a true moment of grace to the Hi-Fi realm with its performance and finishes.


To mark its 40th anniversary, Focal wanted to develop a loudspeaker that  embodied its heritage, whilst also integrating its modern technological solutions. And once again, Focal found the way. Taking inspiration from its former iconic loudspeaker models from the 1990s - Spectral 913.1, Futura Antea, Vega - the
engineers created Spectral 40th. Manufactured in its French workshops near Saint-Étienne, Spectral 40th hails 40 years of passion, whilst integrating Focal’s most recent, exclusive technologies, thanks to the company’s constant investment into acoustic research and its cutting edge industrial tools.


Spectral 40th is a 3-way loudspeaker, equipped with incredible components and just as much performance. Its dynamic, high power handling speaker drivers are fitted with Focal’s iconic K2Power sandwich cone, in its trademark yellow colour. This driver has been reworked to include the very latest expertise from Focal’s teams, who have made some specific changes to the cone itself (single skin cone and different densities of foam and Aramid fibres) to achieve the best linearity possible: wait until you hear the mid-range! And the treble hasn’t been
overlooked either: Spectral 40th has a latest generation Aramid fibre ‘M’-profile inverted dome tweeter, delivering incredibly mellow and detailed sound, high efficiency as well as optimum power handling. The special features and improvements continue with the new choice of acoustic filtering, which uses specific components to extend the frequency range, along with the Powerflow™ vent system, which brings so much depth to the bass.


Type 3-way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker
Drivers 2 x 7-1/16" (18cm) K2 woofer
1/2" (16.5cm) K2 midrange
11/32" (34mm) K2 'M'-shaped dome
Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 91dB
Frequency response (±3 dB) 34Hz - 30kHz
Low frequency point (-6 dB) 28Hz
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance 3.1Ώ
Recommanded amplifier power 40 - 300W
Crossover frequency 280Hz - 2,700Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 453/16 x 1115/16 x 1611/16" (1148 x 303 x 424 mm)
Net weight 101.4lbs