Focal Naim Bundle: Focal Kanta No2 & Naim Uniti Nova

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Focal Naim Bundle: Focal Kanta No2 & Naim Uniti Nova

Buy a Naim Uniti all-in-one player for huge discounts on matching Focal speakers. All bundles ship with $500 worth of Naim speaker cable

This can easily be the last system you need, and it's just two products! The Naim Uniti Nova is so ridiculously, unbelievably good that Kevin was blown away by it even through his Focal Grande Utopia EM EVO speakers at home. These are $260,000 speakers. The Nova was there just to break them in, but after that performance, Kevin simply had to have one of these all-in-one players in his house.

Focal Kanta gets into the upper end of the range, but with stylish design that will fit into even the most contemporary home. It features Focal's renowned beryllium tweeter, and the flax cone drivers produce bass with a lot of weight and realistic bass texture, making them a joy to listen to.

All these bundles ship with 4-meter pairs of Naim NAC A5 speaker cable (worth $500), which is perfectly matched to amp and speakers. Note that not every finish may be available, and stocks are limited. These cannot be combined with any other offer.

Includes 4-meter pair of Naim NACA 5 speaker cables.