Clearaudio Performance DC Wood Turntable

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Clearaudio Performance DC Wood

The Performance DC’s main composite chassis consists of a specific density wood core sandwiched between two massive anodized aluminum plates. A band of polished silver aluminum is wrapped around the plinth’s core, giving the Performance DC an elegant and modern look. 

The powerful and smooth-running DC motor is mounted to the composite main chassis and is effectively decoupled for enhanced dynamic range. The motor and belt are hidden from view, protected from dust and UV. They drive a precision machined aluminum sub-platter coupled to a 40mm thick polyoxymethylene (POM) platter, supported by Clearaudio’s patented CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing).

The Performance DC’s 33, 45, and 78 rpm speeds are selected by blue illuminated buttons, ergonomically integrated into the front left of the chassis. Precision adjustability is possible for each speed via user-accessible trim pots. The Performance DC comes with an interchangeable arm board design which can accommodate a variety of 9-inch tonearms including Clearaudio’s Satisfy Carbon, Tracer and TT5 Linear tracking arm, but can also accommodate Clearaudio's Clarify, Magnify, and Universal tonearms.

Clarify Tonearm

A 9" tonearm that uses magnetic bearings and is therefore completely frictionless. Can be used with virtually all cartridges with a weight from 2.5 to 19 grams, but reaches its maximum performance potential and richest sound when combined with a Clearaudio moving coil (MC) cartridge.

Magnify Tonearm

Features a hybrid bearing on high-precision balls and magnets. The headshell and azimuth can be easily fine-tuned, and with the optional VTA-Lifter it is possible to adjust the VTA even during playback. 9.4" length.

Universal Tonearm

High precision ball bearings in the vertical and horizontal axes, a carbon arm tube. Easy azimuth and VTA setting, and an optional VTA-LIFTER that allows the adjustment of VTA while playing a record. Available in 9-inch and 12-inch lengths.

Available with silver or black finish.


  • Aluminum sandwich plinth
  • 2-piece height adjustable (for leveling) aluminum feet with anti-resonance damping tips
  • 40mm-thick POM platter with weighted rim
  • Machined aluminum sub-platter
  • Inverted Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB)
  • Decoupled 3-speed DC motor; user fine-adjustable 33, 45, 78 rpm
  • Verify Carbon Fiber tonearm features a magnetic bearing, carbon fiber armwand, and 1-meter DirectWire cable