Cary Audio SLP 98P F1 with Moving Coil Phonostage (OPEN)

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Cary Audio SLP98P-MC F1 (OPEN)

Serial number: 240582

Anthracite black chassis & silver faceplate. Take the Cary SLP-98P preamp, and add a dose of cool parts, then polish it off with the kewlest phono stage ever, and you got something that will make you giggle more than a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Formula 1 is a series made just for Upscale Audio. We take the standard unit and throw away the rulebook on parts cost, going all the way in the name of performance. So this one will have Jensen Oil and Copper and Audio One capacitors for mid-band glory. Hexfreds in the power supply so you get better control when music gets complex. Kimber Kable hook up wire to the output, And the exclusive F-1 silkscreening which lets you know you have the best it can be.

This particular unit has one of the finest phono stages ever. Why? All-tube, passive equalization like any SLP-98P. But it goes one better. It has built-in Lundahl step up transformers so it is designed to be used with low output moving coild transformers. (Let's say .04 to 1.0 mV)

Don't be a sucker and try to get more gain with more tubes. Step-up transformers are the most expensive, and best way to get more gain with less idle hiss. But you won't pay too much 'cause it's open with warranty!

The retail on this model is over $5000, as it should be. Your $4699

News flash! We have another one configured different! If you want the line stage only, or with Moving Magnet phono only, or direct coupled, or true home-theater pass-thru, or a different color, we have 42 in stock. So show pieces and open stock with warranty!! Call 909-931-9686 for info!

Another news flash! Cary now states that their warranty starts the day the unit was shipped to the dealer. Read the fine print. They just turned down two warranty claims from our customers leaving them up sh*t creek. It's not uncommon for a demo to sit unused for years in a store or or sealed up in a warehouse. You could by a brand spankin' new product and Cary may refuse to cover you under warranty. We are shocked and saddened, but the goood old days of Dennis Had (Cary's founder) are gone (he was...ahem...."retired"). You have to decide for yourself what's cool and what isn't. In the meantime, Uncle Kevvy will cover yo bad ass Cary product for 1 year parts and labor (this does not apply to used items. New and open stock only)


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