Cary Audio SLI 80 Signature Formula One Integrated Amplifier Direct Coupled (USED)

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Cary Audio SLI 80 Signature Formula One Edition Integrated Amplifier (USED)

Serial #270739. High-gloss Anthracite black chassis with silver faceplate. The amp great shape. The chassis has some fine polish marks that are unavoidable with a high-gloss finish like this. There are also some very tiny pockmarks on the power transformer. Includes original box, manual, and remote. Tubes test like-new and they are upgraded tubes including a pair of Tungsram PCC88s, a set of Tung-sol KT120s, and a pair of JJ rectifiers.

The Formula One Edition of the SLI 80 was something Cary Audio built exclusively for us and came with a number of factory-upgraded components including Jensen oil/copper capacitors, hexfreds in the power supply, an upgraded Greyhill selector switch, and high-quality Kimber hook-up wiring on the CD input. This particular model was also built without coupling capacitors (also known as direct-coupled) so it has a bit more speed and punch at the sacrifice of some midrange warmth (though the mids are still excellent!)

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