Cary Audio DVD 8

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The Cary Audio DVD 8 (show piece)

Use this as a high-end audio disc transport with its quality power supply, robust transport, and low-jitter S/PDIF output

Serial#: 06DVD8102

This is complete no-brainer at this price. If you have a disc collection and a good DAC, this is by far the cheapest way to add a high-end transport to your system. The DVD 8 will also play all the high-res silver disc audio formats, and will double as a DVD player for a legacy collection of concerts of movies. 

The DVD 8 features HDMI output for highest quality video, both stereo and 5.1 channel analog outputs, composite, s-video and component video out, and both coaxial and Toslink digital audio outs.

Want to play SACD?

Add a GeerFab Audio Digital Breakout Box to play your SACD collection and send your DAC a DSD64 signal on DSD over PCM.