Cary Audio CD 303 CD Player (USED)

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Cary Audio CD 303 CD Player (USED)

This high-quality CD player has a digital coax input, and AES, coax, and optical digital outputs. It offers balanced and single-ended analog outputs

Serial #013033211. Black faceplate and chassis. Player functions perfectly and is in excellent condition. No remote (all controls are on the front panel as well). Minor nicks--see photos. No original packaging, but don't worry, our warehouse team are expert packers, and will double box for safe shipping.

Use this as a standalone digital source by playing CDs and also connecting a streamer to its coax SPDIF input. The CD 303  features three separate power supplies, one each for the analog, digital, and control logic circuits. It uses a high-quality, extremely musical Burr Brown DAC with proprietary upsampling.

Or, ignore the analog stage, and use the CD 303 as a high-quality CD transport, sending an external DAC a digital input via AES and SPDIF. The optical output gives you the flexibility of integrating with a home cinema system.