Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 In-Ear Monitors

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Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 In-Ear Monitors

A fresh take on this 2016 design with one balanced armature and one dynamic driver, and the directness of no crossover

The crossover-less design of the Dorado mean it reproduces sound more faithfully, with improved resolution and cohesion than those with over-complicated crossover schemes.

The result is a detailed yet natural sound. They are resolving and emotionally engaging—a true hybrid in design and sonic presentation.

A single balanced armature offers sparkling highs, and a custom-tuned 10 mm ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) diaphragm dynamic driver delivers a rich and satisfying bass. The sound is delivered through a machined brass spout.

The Dorado 2020 is built with a ceramic body: dense, inert, and extremely scratch-resistant. The shells are sintered, spending two days at 600 F and three days at 1,200 F, making them even denser. They are then tumbled for three days to give them a high-gloss finish.


  • Black ceramic shell
  • Single custom balanced armature (High)
  • 10 mm A.D.L.C. diaphragm dynamic driver (Mid+Low)
  • Oversized neodymium rare earth magnet
  • Custom beryllium / copper MMCX connections
  • Brass spout with ‘Midnight Grey’ PVD finish


Frequency response: 5 Hz – 22 kHz 

Sensitivity (@ 1kHz: 18.52 mVrs): 94 dB 

Impedance (@ 1kHz): 10 ohm