Ayre K-1XE with Phonostage (USED)

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Ayre K-1XE (used)

Original box and manual in excellent condition. 90 day Upscale Audio warranty. This unit is actually a K-1XE w/phono. It was bought originally as a K-1X, and it was sent to the factory and became a K-1XE. Ayre installed the $2000 phonostage.

A few months ago, the owner sent it to Ayre and they installed new brushes on the silver volume control, which is a very high end stepped attenuator. One of the absolute finest solid state preamps you can buy at any cost. The customer traded it in for a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp and is getting an outboard phono stage. Probably a Chinook.

The retail on this Ayre is $9,000 or higher from what I gather. A used one without phono commands over $4200. I’ll sell you this one with the $2000 phono for $4999

Here's a letter from a customer who bought a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp for his system. Something to consider, if you're in the market for a tube pre-amplifier.

"Kevin I would like to say that the Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp is the best sounding preamp that I have ever heard, and that is with less than fifty hours of break in on the product. A few years ago I used to work for a high end audio store where we sold several high end products. The best preamps we carried were by VTL and Ayre which both were on the Class A products in Stereophile magazine. I had owned the Ayre K1-xe and had listened to the VTL 7.5 reference series III many times in the store. Both were fantastic products and still are. But neither one of them have anything on what I am hearing and what’s coming out of the Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier. The Ayre has always been noted for its low noise floor and dark silent back ground, where you just hear the music. I never would have believed that I would hear anything with a darker more silent noise floor, but the Primaluna back ground and noise floor is so low, its as if a black hole in space has sucked out every thing but the music. Let me say this, if anybody is looking to buy a preamp that does away with any ear fatigue and bass bloat and plays music with pure ear pleasure, and does not break your bank account this is it."

Upscale Certified

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