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AURALiC Sirius G2.1 Digital Processor

AURALiC Sirius G2.1 Digital Processor

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AURALiC Sirius G2.1 Digital Processor

Will scale with your digital front end no matter where that takes you.


An upsampling streamer and digital preamp with a range of digital inputs and outputs, and the ability to deliver an upsampled native DSD signal

Built around cutting-edge transfer protocols, more powerful processing, and enhanced isolation engineering, the G2 and G2.1 series are a new concept in component integration. Auralic's flagship series of products provides ultra-fast connectivity via Lightning Link, which handles everything from audio signal, to digital clocking, and control signals.

Benefits of upsampling or resampling

For best results it's usually good to send your DAC its native signal. A DSD DAC will sound better with a DSD signal, and a PCM DAC will sound better with a PCM signal, as the DAC will not have to perform any extra processing.

Upsampling improves sounds in a number of ways. You cannot add information that was never there of course, but you can move all the digital processing up high away from the audio band by taking, say, a 48 kHz 16-bit signal and upconverting to a 192 kHz, 24-bit signal or even better.

Also, Auralic can send your DSD DAC a native upsampled DSD signal, no more messing with DoP (DSD over PCM). 

Optimize by Equalizing

The most important factor affecting the quality of playback in your system is not the cables, components, or speakers, but the room. SIRIUS G2.1 can compensate for the room with its 8-band parametric equalizer feature, allowing you to optimize for your environment without spending tens of thousands on a complete room build or renovation.

It also offers a speaker placement function to compensate for speakers that need to be placed close to walls or corners. While good speaker placement in the first place is crucial, no room is perfect, and speakers can't always be placed in the ideal spot due to aesthetics or room-usage considerations. 

You’ll be able to further customize the sound of your digital sources when you choose from four distinct digital filters thanks to Auralic's Flexible Filter Mode Technology. This delivers uncommonly low distortion levels, potentially down to a staggering -170dB, keeping the SIRIUS G2.1 virtually invisible in the signal path. 

The Power of Digital Processing

SIRIUS G2.1 is powered by the AURALiC Proteus G2 Co-Processing Platform; which harnesses a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip at its heart, bolstered by 512 MB of DDR3 memory. This FPGA chip contains more than 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices, all combining to provide unparalleled levels of data processing capability. SIRIUS G2.1’s computational power and efficiency are achieved in part because of the design decision to employ a dual-processing platform structure, which doubles capacity. While an AURALiC Tesla G1 handles hardware control, the Proteus G2 focuses its efforts on music data processing. 

Unity Chassis II

The SIRIUS G2.1 chassis has been designed as a double enclosure, where an outer case made from high-grade aluminum is supplemented with an inner layer of copper. A high-mass base and enhanced four-foot multi-spring suspension system complete the quiet, noise defeating performance of the SIRIUS G2.1’s Unity Chassis II.

The internal circuits are physically distributed to enhance overall balance. And with specially designed foot spikes that dampen and absorb vibrations, the SIRIUS G2.1 is always rock-steady, for ultra-smooth signal delivery. This, plus sophisticated galvanic isolation drastically reduce the potential for electromagnetic interference, for an extraordinarily pure, clean sound. 

Smarter Control

Smart-IR allows you to control certain functions of the SIRIUS G2.1 from any number of different remotes you already own. For example, you may program a remote to quickly switch between the four different digital filters by assigning a filter to individual buttons on that remote.

Lightning Link

The HDMI-type, 18Gbps high-speed connection provides ultra-fast two-way communication and boasts the only real jitter-free link in the world of high-performance audio. As an added bonus, G2 and G2.1 products can be linked without worry, allowing them to work seamlessly, as one contiguous digital source for an astonishing musical experience.


  • Signal reclock and jitter removal
  • PCM and DSD resampler
  • Eight-band parametric equalizer
  • Speaker placement compensation
  • High-precision digital volume control
  • Triple-channel Purer-Power internal linear power supply, 10uV low-noise design for audio circuits
  • Anodized aluminum case in matte black with copper EMI shielding enclosure
  • Triple femto clocks for outputs
  • Dual galvanic isolation for digital and USB audio outputs
  • Unity Chassis II with copper EMI shielding enclosure


Audio Inputs 
Lightning Link (Up to 384 K/32 bit, DSD512)
USB Audio (Up to 384 K/32 bit, DSD512)*
AES/EBU (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)
Coaxial (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)
TOSLINK (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)

Audio Outputs 
Lightning Link (Up to 384 K/32 bit, DSD512)
USB Audio (Up to 384 K/32 bit, DSD512)*
AES/EBU (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)
Coaxial (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)
TOSLINK (Up to 192 K/24 bit, DSD64 via DoP)

Dimensions: 13.4" x 12.6" x 3.7" (34 x 32 x 9.6 cm)

Weight: 21 lb


Elevate your personal music experience with the highest sound quality available in the world.

Streaming in studio quality

FLAC 24-bit up to 192kHz

Over 80 million tracks in Hi-Res & CD quality

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