AudioQuest Rocket 33 REL High-Level Subwoofer Cable

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AudioQuest Rocket 33 Speaker Cable (Pair)

We have two 8-foot Rocket 33 cables that have been specially built by AudioQuest for use with REL subwoofers. Each has the Neutrik Speakon connector at the subwoofer end, and three spade connectors to connect to your amplifier. 

The price shown is for a single cable for one REL subwoofer. Each cable has both a left and right positive speaker lead and one negative (ground) lead. If you have two REL subs running in stereo, you will need two of these.

A 14-gauge PSC/LGC full-range cable

AudioQuest’s least expensive bi-wireable cable, Rocket 33 doesn’t skimp on sound quality. Featuring two types of conductors in a new geometry, Rocket 33’s blend of LGC and PSC Copper conductors keeps Rocket 33's price down, but gives it a smooth, open sound with surprisingly good dynamic range. AudioQuest's revolutionary Dual Triple Geometry gives Rocket 33 superior bi-wire cable performance similar to its larger siblings at a very reasonable price.

AudioQuest cables are legendary in audiophile circles for their neutrality and resolution. For 28 years, AudioQuest has worked tirelessly to achieve sonic neutrality in all their cables, regardless of price. Ensuring that music flows unchanged and uncolored requires removing the myriad distortions that occur when a signal flows through a cable. To accomplish this, AudioQuest bypassed conventional cable design and focused their efforts on both the physical properties and sonic characteristics of the conductors and connectors, as well as every other material used in the creation of their cables.


Metal: Perfect-surface copper (PSC), long-grain copper (LGC)

Gauge: 14 AWG

Geometry: Double star-quad

Dielectric: FEP

Noise dissipation: Carbon based