Abyss AB-1266 Phi Headphones (DEMO)

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Abyss AB-1266 Phi Headphones (DEMO)

These legendary planar magnetic headphones deliver the highest resolution of any headphone line ever made. They deliver unprecedented levels of clarity and resolution to sound, without the typical brightness or harshness associated with planar magnetics.

This model comes with upgraded Cardas wiring for the ultimate in smooth response and resolution.

Abyss CNC-machines and finishes all aluminum frame components, produces its own planar speaker drivers, and skillfully assembles the AB-1266 Phi with US-made stainless steel hardware, all within its own facility in Buffalo, New York, USA.

There are no plastic parts to break: all components are machined from solid aluminum for exceptional strength with integrated resonance control for minimal added coloration.

The padded leather headband with head movement isolation properly distributes weight for hours of comfortable wear. Looks are deceiving, these headphones are designed not to clamp your head, but rather float atop and loosely touch your ears (no problem with eye-glasses).