PLEASE DON'T PANIC! We Got You Covered!! Tubes flowing again!


UPDATE 4/15/2022: We are pausing tube sales temporarily due to people hoarding needlessly.  We will fill orders of replacement singles (and sets when people settle down) to  PrimaLuna, Pathos, and Feliks Audio owners that have purchased their equipment directly from Upscale Audio or one of our factory-authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada.  We will also support customers that have purchased Balanced Audio Technology from us. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT OUR SALE PEOPLE ABOUT TUBES!

Guys, we have the tubes, but we aren't going to fuel this craze.


Upscale Audio has tubes in stock.  We've simply run out of tested ones.  One of our testing machines broke and is going to be repaired in a day or two.  I'm not going to cut corners by using lesser test methods.  

Stockpiling now means higher prices for everyone and you may end up with lower quality tubes. You don't want to be subject to either of those things. So, take a breather. Tubes last for years.

Like always, we will treat your system like it's ours. I'm all about our customers.