Gold Lion KT66

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Gold Lion KT66

Russian re-issue of the legendary Genalex. This one get's Uncle Kevvy's seal of approval. Built to the highest standards and is very reliable. Great substitite for the 6L6GC, but consult your amp's manufacturer: The KT66 has a higher dissippation than its 5881 and 6L6GC counterparts, and if your amp's bias range is set low you may not be able to bias these. Sound is lively and dynamic with a smooth natural midrange, with body and a holographic, 3D presence. All around a beautifully balanced sound.

A quick note on this tube: Some folks report these KT66s take a bit longer to burn in than other power tubes. So if they seem a little light in the bottom end, just give it time.

Pricing above is for a single tube. Includes matching in any quantity you need at no extra charge.

All power tubes are Platinum Screened & Tested to the highest standards, including a 72-hour burn in process, and testing at real-world voltages.