Focal Electra 1038 Be Loudspeakers (pair)

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Focal Electra 1038 Be Loudspeakers (pair)


They’re wonderfully polished performers that work well with all types of music.
Unless your budget or desire to spend more allows you to consider loudspeakers in a whole other realm - I'm talking true cost no object stuff - you should definitely audition the Focal Electra 1038Be before purchasing a more expensive loudspeaker.




Electra 1038 Be is our flagship model of the range. This is particularly thanks to the Powerflow double port system, which greatly enhances the performance of the bass. The dynamics have also been immensely improved to match the generous definition of the higher mid-range register, which will always be an industry reference. This is a high-end compact floorstanding loudspeaker with undeniable charm. The most balanced loudspeaker of the line, Electra 1038 Be is a high-end floorstander offering dynamic, generous and precise sound.


Optimized acoustic performance


The 'W' composite sandwich cone permits total optimization of the frequency response curve, thanks to the total control of three key parameters: lightness, rigidity, and damping. These unique characteristics of lightness and rigidity provide control of the signal transmission speed inside the material.


Exceptional definition


Electra 1000 Be series loudspeakers feature an innovative technology called IAL (Infinite Acoustic Load). This technology enabled us to design a tweeter with a very wide frequency range capable of extending very low down in frequency response, for relaying the midrange much earlier. This technology allows the frequency range to which the human ear is sensitive to be reproduced by the ultra-light tweeter with exceptional definition.


Beryllium tweeter


Due to its incredible rigidity, Beryllium represents the ultimate material for a tweeter dome. After two years of research and development, Focal produced a world first: a pure Beryllium inverted dome, able to cover more than five octaves. You will improve the perception of transients and other micro details. As well, the linearity of the speaker’s response curve is mainly a function of three opposite parameters: lightness, rigidity, and damping.


Bass Drivers: 3x 3rd generation 7-inch W-cone bass drivers
Midrange: 3rd generation 6.5-inch W-cone midrange driver
High-Frequency Driver: 1.25-inch Pure Beryllium IAL inverted dome tweeter
Frequency Response: 33Hz - 40kHz
Sensitivity: 93dB
Weight: 112 pounds