KLH Stratton 12 Subwoofer

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KLH Stratton 12 Subwoofer

A 12" ported sub with a 200 W class-D amp

This is the top end sub from KLH with a bigger driver and and amp that pushes greater peak power than the Stratton 10. The driver uses a proprietary driver made of polyglass-coating, treated paper, Kevlar, CSX, and fiberglass, offering great stiffness and lightness. With a 200 W amp, the Stratton 12 will enhance your music and movies in a smaller, room-filling footprint.


  • Volume, lowpass, trigger
  • Switchable phase, 0-180 degrees


Type: Rear Slot Ported Bass Reflex

Frequency Response: 25 Hz-160 Hz

Maximum Output: 118 dB

Amplifier: 200 W RMS/500 W 

Driver: 12″, proprietary blend of treated paper, Kevlar®, and CSX

Enclosure Material: ¾” MDF

Inputs: Line/LFE gold-plated RCA

Dimensions (WHD): 15.4" x 17.7″ x 18.2″