ZMF Eikon Headphones

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ZMF Eikon Headphones

The ZMF Eikon is the flagship. It features ZMF's proprietary headphone design, and the ZMF Biocellulose driver which utilizes the highest quality materials and design to create a linear, powerful, dynamic and super resolving sound centered around the drivers ultra low distortion. The Eikon is the ultimate headphone chameleon, it works great with all genre's with a punchy sound that is close to neutral, and fully musical.


ZMF Camphor Eikon Headphone
ZMF Eikon Pads
Lambskin headband padding
Natural hand applied varnish
5.5 FT Stock Cable
S3 6500 Case
Owners Card


Sensitivity: 96dB / mW

Impedance: 300 Ohms

Isolation: 26dB