Dr. Feickert Venti Limited Edition Turntable

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Dr. Feickert Venti Limited Edition Turntable

The Venti is currently sold out, but check out the Dr. Feickert Trio SE. Specially made just for Upscale Audio (that means you!), the Trio SE is an updated Venti with a walnut finish, but at the same cost as the Venti! 



Do you want the technology of the Firebird but don't need multiple tonearms? Unfortunately, we're all sold out of the Venti (only 50 were made, with even fewer available in the US). But good news! Kevin has worked with Dr. Feickert to produce a very special version of the Venti with a lovely walnut finish and improvements to the sound dampening, with a promise that the price will not go up. Coming soon, a very special Dr. Feickert turntable we call the Trio SE, and it will be available only at Upscale!

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