Some Nice Comments From Our Customers

We've made a lot of customers happy for going on fifteen years now. Upscale Audio prides itself on offering its customers the best gear, exclusive options, and the best tubes available on the planet.

Here are just a few rave reviews from happy Upscale Audio clients:

"Dear Kevin, I am thoroughly enjoying my new tube based audio system. It is a pleasure to listen to beautiful music perfectly delivered. Thank you very much for your advice and patience with my many questions and I especially appreciate that you were able to make high quality audio equipment form Cary, Rega, and Sonus Faber affordable for me with your reasonable pricing.

Thank you, Dave."

From the newsgroup, alt.guitar.amps, a thread called:

"REVIEW: Latest Tube Dealer Rating/Experience (rated 1-5) Ralph Nader of Tubes"

"Dear Experts,

I never see a thread for this so here goes. I want to rate my experience with each tube dealer I've used so others and the dealers know how they are doing. Feedback is a good thing.

Rated 1-5

1 best, 5 worst

Upscale Audio - rating 1 - Kevin Deal has amazing commentary in his tube price list and poop sheets....he is a no BS guy and provides rare, I mean rare extremely well tested and pristine tubes. I had a long conversation with him on the phone about some issues with a rare stock between Mu and Richardson and Penta...Kevin provided what I needed in 5 bus. days, perfectly matched as I asked...pricing almost 1/2 the BS I got from the other vendors...

Kevin was a first for me and he is always there to answer my ?'s on choices and options...he loves what he does and he is the best bar none…"

"My other tube discovery showed, yet again, how much those of us in Tubeland rely on good, no make that great, dealers. I've mentioned Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio before in this column, and here he's come through again." Tom Davis, Positive Feedback Magazine

Dear Kevin,

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the equipment that I purchased from you recently. It was every bit as good as you promised!

Sounds like you have the formula down; sell prime merchandise, let people know about it, deliver what you promise and stand behind it. I'm always amazed how many folks can't even get three out of four! Best wishes for continued business success. Regards -- Brad W.

Dear Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the CAT tube set that I bought from you. My audio system has never sounded better. I don't think I'll ever buy tubes from anyone else. - Ron


Subject: Kevin Deal/Upscale Audio

At the risk of turning this group into the Kevin Deal testamonial site, I must share another great experience I've had working with Kevin. After helping me set up my SF Line 2 preamp with an excellent matched set of Amperex 7308's, I sought Kevin's advice on upgrading to the SF Line 3 Reference preamp. Not only did Kevin provide an extremely fair trade-in allowance on my slightly used unit, but he suggested the use of my Amperex 7308's in certain positions where they will provide the most audible improvement over the Sovtek 6922, while using only two of the NOS Amperex.

Many dealers might have suggested changing all ten 6922's to increase tube sales, but Kevin shared the knowledge he has gained by experimenting with various tubes in this equipment, which saved me quite a bit of $$$ in future tube purchases. It's truly gratifying to encounter someone who obviously loves his work, and enjoys sharing knowledge with others. Thanks Kevin! - Ron S.

Mr. Deal:

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt, professional service. I received my new tubes as promised and in perfect condition. Your tube recommendations were completely accurate. These new tubes elevated my system to a new level of performance and I'm now enjoying some of the most natural sounding, detailed, and dynamic music I've ever heard in my home. Your knowledge and experience with NOS tubes is certainly commendable. Once again thank you.

Wishing you continued success,
Juan S

Hi Kevin,

Thanks a million for selling a high quality amplifier at such a low price. I'm sure I echo the sentiments of all who purchased one from you.

After I spoke to you last Saturday, I plugged in and biased the tubes, hooked it up to my system and sat down to listen. I listened for almost six hours straight!

As I was listening to The Modern Jazz Quartet, Nancy Wilson with The George Shearing Quintet, etc., I marveled at the superb musicality of this amplifier. Listening to the music and noting the first rate build quality and massive build of this beauty I can barely believe that I got so much for so little. So, once again, thanks a million!

Before I go may I express my appreciation for the way you handled my order, returning my phonecalls, answering my questions, etc. This really made me feel comfortable. I'm sure we'll be doing business again in the near future.

Best Regards,

I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied buying tubes from you. Every time that I buy from you I am happy. I know what I am getting. When I buy from some other sources-----Well, I am taking my chances.

Thanks Again,
Scott T.

Hello Kevin,

I just received the tubes you sent me today and I installed them in my preamp. It was immediately obvious that my other tubes were worn out. The soundstaging got much larger, focused, etc. I do not know how the current production tubes compare sonically to the French Mazda and Tungsram tubes, but I will say that after a couple of hours of listening I can say with authority that this is the best my system has ever sounded! Thank you very much! - Nick M.

When you told me that the top retube for my AIM3A was the Amperex tube, and that they sold for $50 ea., I didn't believe it, but I was desperate (to get rid of tube glare).

Now that I have them, all I can say is "WOW" (and thank you). What a great combination in the AIM3A and Bryston 4BST and ML SL-3! Exactly the sound I was looking for.

Thank you Kevin.

-jim g.

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your quick reply. Viewing your tube list, I would say that you might be one of the best vintage tube suppliers in the world.

I'm an editor of China Times newspaper in Taiwan. Since there are many tube enthusiasts in this country, I believe my report in the future on your tubes service will help a lot to your business.

Sincerely yours,


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