Rocky, Our National Sales Manager

This is Rocky, National Sales Manager here at Upscale Audio. No one visits Upscale Audio without being greeted by him.

Most people might ask, "Why would you use a Malti-poo as your sales manager?"
Well... the answer is simple.

Rocky will jump up on your lap, then immediately start to crawl up onto your shoulders, and he'll stay there until you move him. No one trained him to do this, he just does it! I've had him with me in my Porsche convertible with the top down and he stayed behind my neck for the entire 6 hour round-trip. (Of course he had a leash on for safety)


This customer said that Rocky was the best therapy he'd ever had for his back injury. Note: large cashier's check in customer's hand = big commission for Rocky. Rocky tends to have that effect on people and we've had many other customers come in the soundroom, and Rocky does the same thing with everyone. (Don't worry.. if you're allergic to dogs and come for an audition we will keep him away from you)


Rocky with my good friend Roland Pantermuehl. Roland is the talented guy who designs all of our magazine ads. He came out from Austin, TX to visit, and this is the first time Rocky has ever met him. Even still he immediately jumped up on Roland's shoulders the minute he sat down.


 Another "Rocky the Pillow" shot with long-time friend Matt Adams.


Here's Rocky with his friend, a Pug named Precious. It kind of looks like they both just bet their life savings at the track, and they're hoping to hit it big...


 EveAnna Manley over at "El Casa de Deal" getting some attention from Rocky.


Everybody covets Rocky. Even EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs. When she showed me this badge I was pretty upset... mostly because I didn't think of it myself.


So last year I went on a trip to Europe to visit Herman and the folks at Ah! in France. Rocky was left by himself without supervision. My assistant came into the office one day, and found him on my computer viewing doggy porn. They couldn't even tell me. They waited until I got back to break the news...


...He's been acting out ever since. I didn't know a 9 pound Malti-Poo could be a pimp... Where did I fail him? Were there signs I should've seen? How can I bring him back?



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