Meeting The Rolling Stones in Las Vegas

Alright... so here's the deal. We got to see the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas with mysterious Rick who doesn't want his whole name used. He kind of gets weirded out even having his face on the net... but whatever.


The concert was phenomenal. We had seats in two different locations but it was a pretty small venue, and the stage moved around so there wasn't a bad seat in the house.


We had VIP & Hospitality suite tickets, but even these passes don't get you backstage. You need a Rattlesnake Inn pass that gets you into the dressing area:




At the crossroads that point you to the various dressing rooms for the Stones. Keith Richards' room is "Camp X-Ray", which has something to do with Guantanemo Bay. Charlie Watts' room is "Cotton Club." "Recovery" is Ron Wood. Mick Jagger's dressing room is "Workout."


See? This is why Jared has to Photoshop sunglasses on me in every shot. I take pictures like Earl on that show My Name is Earl.


This is the snooker room. This is the band's private snooker table that follows them on their tour. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is allowed in this room except the band. But the security guard, with a wink & a smile, let us go in to snap a quick picture. But he got nervous when my camera went really slow...


Left to right: Yours truly, Mysterious Rick, and Mysterious... well so mysterious we can't even tell you his first name. He's a terrific guy and we had a blast at the show.


I thought Mick Jagger was cordial and very proper, Keith Richards & Ron Wood were very cool and talkative, and Charlie Watts seems to be a fairly quiet guy.



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