KROQ Inland Invasion 2006

This was an all-day festival put on by KROQ, a local radio station here in Los Angeles. The show featured a long list of bands including Guns n Roses, Alice in Chains, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Rise Against, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Atreyu.

All the bands were great and it was a hoot. My sincere thanks to the peeps who did me a solid with wonderful treatment.


This is not exactly like the California Jam that I went to back in the 70's. They sell different stuff now. I don't partake anymore, but I found it kind of funny.


 Allright… I know every customer says “I listen to everything….from classical to jazz to rock and country” but when it comes down to it we have a few we really listen to. But you may always find something outside your typical genre and new doors open.

One of my employees listens to KROQ and I heard this song and said “What song is that and who the *** is doing it???”


Now....for you sensitive folks... they like to drop the F-bomb a lot. Look beyond it. If you READ the lyrics (which I don't always do with albums cause sometimes it isn't worth my time) this band is deep and fills your head with purpose and an undeniable feeling of having fun. The music so driving and electric that you'll be ten years younger in minutes.


This was an all-day rock fest. A lot a superb performances. Buckcherry gave the tightest live performance I’ve seen since I don't know when, and IMHO the best of the show.


 Hit their website and find samples and buy the new CD called “15” which I think is hands down Grammy material. If you don't like it return the unused portion of the product and we'll return the unspent portion of your money.




So I got to see them live, and we even met Josh (the lead singer) and Keith (guitarist). They are very grounded and a kick in the ass.

Their website is Go there now.


I don't know what to say about this one. No these are not Fook Mi and Fook Yu from Austin Powers.


This is a picture of 3 girls inside the stall of a men's bathroom. They begged to go ahead of the line. I said only if we could flash a picture and they agreed, not knowing that I was serious. I was the first to flash a picture as no one else had the huevos to do it, then everybody else jumped in and started taking pictures.


This is an actual brand of clothing and this guy was out dancing wearing just these briefs. I'm at a loss for words...


Asthma is apparently on the rise in Southern California. I blame the smog. Everywhere I looked around me, people had to bring their inhalers. I've never seen so many asthma patients. In fact, this asthma sufferer was with his friend who was having such a bad attack, his eyes were shut from lack of oxygen.





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