Kevin & Herman in Hong Kong

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Kevin & Herman in Hong Kong

Just... act... normal...


Aboard the Star Ferry that goes from Kowloon Bay to Central Hong Kong. It only costs about 30 cents for a one-way trip, and it's a lot of fun.


I could not buy a camera with a wide-angle lens big enough to capture this city in one shot. It is beyond huge... you'd think it must be a drawing or back drop for a movie.


This is outside of the main area of town, in one of the smaller, more typical neighborhoods. I would guess this guy has been sewing here for 50 years and I found the image interesting.


This is in an area called "Mong Kok." It's a large street market area that goes on for blocks. This is were you get counterfeit watches, clothing... you name it... they have a counterfeit of it. You grind and grind on the price of everything. It's part of the fun. Watching Herman and Dominique take over an hour to save one dollar was hilarious.


This was at a restaurant. They met us with these big crooked smiles. The one on the left really needs braces, and we could never tell the entire night whether it was a boy or a girl. We laughed and laughed and poked fun. They brought out a live lobster on a plate to scare us and held it up by its tentacles. Then they brought it back later as sushi. We really had a riot. They didn't understand a word we said.


Typical night scene in Hong Kong. If you want to see Patek Philippe watches in CA, the nearest dealer is 30 miles away because they're so expensive. Here, you'll see two or three Patek Philippe dealers on just one block. More watches are sold in Hong Kong than anyplace else in the world.


This is in front of the famous Hotel Peninsula... which is so famous people just go in to look at the bathrooms. I don't get it. But it's a nice place. I'm not sure what Herman is "measuring" with his hand...


There are small electronics areas where vintage U.S. and British tube gear are collected and traded, as it has been for decades. During the 70's and 80's when boatloads of Pioneer and Sony receivers were coming to the U.S, boatloads of vintage tube equipment were going to collectors in Asia. Most remain there today, but some are making their way back to the U.S, as people around the world have realized the beauty of tubes, and the value of the history.


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