Kevin, EveAnna, and Mikey at Keith Code's Cornering School

Okay, here's the deal. EveAnna said that to extend the life of my helmet's inside liner, I should do what she does: wear a doo-rag. Someone else told me it was a doo-doo rag, so I showed up with a pair of BVD's on my head, thinking that's what they meant by that. So for those of you who don't know, a doo-rag is a bandana worn crip-style on your head, not a pair of underwear.


EveAnna looking super-cool midway through the day as we were heading out to the track.


 ...but, as I point out here... she's only pseudo-cool. She had to use the motorcycle with the specially designed low seat, so I snapped a shot of the marking on the bike just to bag on her.


I have a bunch of cool pictures of me on the track, but this is the only one that I could pull off the disk. California Superbike Schools is a terrific organization, and they really work you. I would suggest this class to anyone into hi-performance riding, but make sure you get enough rest the night before, drink tons of water, take potassium and salt (as they direct you to do), or you won't make it through the whole day.


 Mikey and EveAnna looking ominous.


EveAnna and myself with the world famous Keith Code (in the middle) after a day of riding.


We've just found a picture of EveAnna in her earlier riding days before we started riding lessons...



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