Exploring Wolfgang's Vault

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Exploring Wolfgang's Vault

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Katherine York, head archivist at Wolfgang's Vault and her cohort Grant archiving away. Katherine didn't tell Grant that I was not a piece of leftovers from the 60's, so he immediately started sizing me up to be archived. He said that I was in very poor condition, and I should be put in the back so no one would ever find me.


Kevin dancing like he's stoned in front of a large shot of a crowd at a Greatful Dead concert that was promoted by Bill Graham. Many of the pictures and posters on the walls at Wolfgang's Vault are one-of-a-kind.






This is Bill Graham's personal megaphone. In many pictures you will find of him at shows he's carrying this megaphone or the walkie-talkie pictured below. Both pieces, though destroyed in a fire, are priceless items from rock n' roll's history.


















This is a telegram confirming Janis Joplin performing at Winterland. On the right are the contracts for the show.