Euro Trip 2006

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Euro Trip 2006

Picture of a field just outside Montreal, France. This is where the Chenet family lives and where we stayed... uhh.. but we stayed in a house...


This is the back of Dominique Chenet's family's home. We were able to take tables right out the back, and the Tour de France passed right by us no more than a couple feet away as everyone cheered and partied for hours.


Dominique's niece Elisa, Herman's daughter Case, and Elisa's older sister Isabelle waiting for the Tour to pass by. Think you can sense the one on the left may be trouble...


My graphic artist and good friend Roland enjoying the Tour De France.


This is one of the vans that went by during the Tour. They splashed the people lining the streets with water from little bottles. Which was funny the first time around, but then we retaliated with a garden hose and nailed every van that came by. I think we had a little more water pressure.


Herman hard at work. Even while on vacation at the Chenet's house.


The bikers in the Tour de France passed by very quickly.


After the Tour passed by we went down to the beach. This is a shot of Case sitting on the back of Herman's Jaguar convertible as we're driving through the French countryside.


This is an open market place near the beach. Great melons, Geraldine!


Fifi and his son Hugo coming in from a nice dip in the water. The French Mediterranean is gorgeous.


Herman attempts to explain how the PrimaLuna dual-feedback topology works.


That night we had a great dinner in town. Geraldine, Antoinette, and yours truly.


Here is Dominique standing behind the lovely Maggy (Dominique's mom) and Geraldine. Maggy is very special to me and when she kisses me on the cheek I know she means it.


Speaking of getting kissed on the cheek... look out. This is Antoinette. I won't speak her age, but she dances every dance and she tells everyone that I'm her "boyfriend from Hollywood." She is one of the greatest and craziest people I've ever met. This was actually a movie clip and when I told her the camera was filming a video she asks me in French, "Oh, so you mean we're making a porno movie?"

Click here for our video (don't worry... it's G rated... I think).


From Montreal we headed to the small village of Loupia (population 100) for the Bastille Day celebration. I wondered why Olivier insisted on having me in this picture next to Dominique. I thought "well, this is nice..."


Then some shutters swung open from above and we got hit. And in this picture you can see the second hit coming...


And there ya go. They got me. But I think they got Dominique worse.


This is Olivier and Marie's back yard. Their house just finished being refurbished. The house was built around the 14th century. Note the church belfry above. It starts chiming every hour, 24 hours a day.


This is Collioure, near the French/Spanish border. Famous for its beauty and history.


This is inside the Cafe Templiers. Many world famous artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Derain, and others would hang out here. The art on the wall is a large private collection. Go to the link above to read more about the art and the cafe.


Roland, Bart, and me sitting around in the cafe. I wish I could've taken some shots of some of the girls there, but I didn't want to be too obvious.


This is Cecilia who is a local artist that made some paintings for me that I really treasure. Shes quite a character.


The winding streets of Collioure.


After Collioure, me and Roland met up with EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs in Paris. We were poised and ready to take over the city...


But we ran out of money err... tubes. So we ended up panhandling at the train station near the Louvre.


After the metro station didn't work out we decided to lower our standards and go to a different part of town.


We finally got some money and went down to the trippiest bathroom that I've ever seen and I had to get a picture coming out of it.


These folks are from England and had some silly string cans. Suddenly they found a better use for it...


How do you like my new doo?


I don't know what to say about this one. I think it speaks for itself.


This is EveAnna Manley and her distributor J.B, his lovely wife Hosanna, their incredible daughter Camille, and Roland.