Euro Trip 2005

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Euro Trip 2005

Typical evening of hanging out after dinner with friends and family at Hermanito's house in the south of France.


At the end of the day all the children have to go around and give "baisers baisers" or "kisses kisses" to all the adults.


Kevin alongside Herman's daughter Case, prior to her becoming a blonde.


This is the party in Loupia. I don't get these people. There's a party there every weekend. There's only 100 people who live in this village. This is a line where they carry people hand-over-hand down the line. The village is a hoot, and everyone there is so friendly.


The ladies seem interested... but I think Herman is laughing at something... it's probably nothing.


This is a concert we went to inside the ancient walled city of Carcassone in France.


This is a building built by the architect Antonio Gaudi In Barcelona, Spain. He has a lot of stuff there that you absolutely MUST see.


Me and Roland puttering around Barcelona, Spain. That's Eduardo sitting in the backseat with Roland. We had the coolest time with this guy. We just told him to show us around. He had just gotten back from America where he spent his time chasing a beautiful girl in Los Angeles. We just stopped at some point and got ice cream and talked and talked. I don't think he was used to people treating him like that.


He peddled us to this square where some of the early Spanish royalty lived at one time. Then he pointed up at a window and said "This is where my apartment is, would you wish to see it? I've never taken any of my rides up there." So we walked up a bunch of stairs to get there. He lives a Bohemian lifestyle... and I think he has a pretty good time.


We went up to the roof where they barbeque and party. Then there's ANOTHER roof that requires us to shimmy up poles, jump across ledges, and a bunch of other stuff a guy my age shouldn't do. But from there we had a breathtaking view. Then I came back to reality and thought "How the F*$% am I gonna get down from here?"


Another picture of Eduardo and Roland after we got back down from the roof. If you want a fun way to see Barcelona, the taxi company's website address is The cool thing about these cabs is they can get you through the tight streets of the ancient quarter where cars cannot go. You can ask for Eduardo or any of the other guys. We met a few of them and they're all really cool. Be sure to give 'em a big tip and don't be a jerk.


Typical street scene in Barcelona when no one is around.


This is another of Gaudi's creations: the Temple de la Sagrada Familia. It is entirely funded by donations, and is still under construction. Construction began in 1882. If you're in Barcelona you have to check this place out at night when everything is lit up.


The Mediterranian coastline in Cannes, France. We were driving through on our way to Nice, and finally back home.


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