Euro Trip 2004

Roland, Upscale Audio print ad maven, in front of the Forum in Rome.


I wish I could say we made this picture with awesome Photoshop skills, but this is the exact way it came out from my little pocket camera.


In Brussels everybody has to stand in this...


After Brussels we went to Montreal in the South of France for the biggest deal: The marriage of Dominique's brother Philip to the beautiful Geraldine. This is Herman goofing off as usual.


The girls that were torturing me. Herman's daughter Case, and Dominique's nieces Isabelle and Kathy. They were playing a game like patty-cake but you need a flat surface like a table to also slap. So while I was sitting down they used my head.


The church where the wedding took place, and the center of the village Montreal with a population of about 1000 people. Gothic and un-restored. Built around 1200 as I recall. There are several tunnels that run from the church to the surrounding houses so people could gather at the church for protection in case of attack. Philip's house right across the street has one of those tunnels.


This was the reception. And boy do they party. It goes all night until dawn. Then the bride and groom go hide in the village, and everyone else pours together a bowl with all the leftover liquor, and then find the newlywed couple and make them drink it.


Kevin & Herman having a laugh.


Oh yea... the tube hunting part...

Here are some 1960's vintage Sylvania 12BH7s in German military boxes. The German army used to insist that all their tube boxes be marked as being German tubes. The boxes say "Valvo" and show Hamburg as the city of manufacture, but as we can see, these are made in the U.S.A. We also found some RCA 5U4G tubes packaged the same way. Very cool stuff.


We also found a nice stash of various 12BZ7 tubes. Shown above are a few RCA 12BZ7s, packaged with some CBS/Hytron 6SN7s. We also found some earlier black plate GE 12BZ7s, which have been killer in the Cary V12r and AES Sixpacs.

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