Euro Trip 2003

This is the mastermind of the Ah! product line, and one of the most well-known distributors of high-end audio in Europe, Herman Van Den Dungen.

Herman was our gracious host and allowed us to stay at his home in France. During the course of his nap, we occasionally poked him with a stick.

This is Dominique, sweety to Herman, and Herman's daughter Case. The guy with the bird had an exhibition where they flew a bald eagle over a person's head, along with numerous hawks, and other exotic birds. He used to travel with the Grateful Dead.

From right: Dominique, Herman, Geraldine, and Maggy, Dominique's mother.

This is how you spend most nights in France. Cheese and wine, cheese and wine, cheese and wine. Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant, and don't drink.


In the market area of Narbonne, a town in the south of France with my "posse."

The tall dude is Roland, who does the graphic art for our magazine ads, creates nice pictures and aliens...all that fun stuff. I send him the text and concept, and lousy pictures, he whips together heaven. The best of the best.

The other guy is the mysterious "Bart" the Dutchman. We don't REALLY know what Bart does. I know he says he sells caravans (travel trailers) in Holland. Suuuuure.

This is a party we attended in Armisson. The blond on the right is a Dutch girl named Lizanne. Absolute trouble, and if she wasn't poking fun at my personal appearance at least once an hour, I knew something was wrong.

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