Consumer Electronics Show 2007

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Consumer Electronics Show 2007

EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs and I had decided that CES was full of posers and people being way too serious. So this year we made an announcement that we're going to go "Tube Pimp" style.

I sent this picture out with her face Photoshopped in on the girl, then she responded in kind by Photoshopping my face onto the guy...


So we went out to Santee Alley in Los Angeles and bought assorted pimp gear. You can't read the "grilles" we're wearing in these pictures, but my grille reads "Tubes" and EveAnna's read's "Rule". EveAnna put her people to work engraving the pendants to say assorted things like "Tubes Rule" and "Tube Biatch"... You get the picture.

A Stereophile reviewer and photographer caught up with us and posted our picture on the Stereophile blog page. Click here


On the left of EveAnna and I is Grover, super-cool dude, good friend of ours and VP at Warner Brothers records.


 Here's some of my favorite peeps from Positive Feedback Online.


 Here we are standing in front of the new PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight CD Player. We debuted the player at the show where it made a huge splash among everyone who came in the room. It's revolutionary design incorporates a vacuum tube in the digital clocking device, the first ever in a CD player.


On the left is Cy Bolton, who helps me with ad materials and coordinates marketing and communications for PrimaLuna's dealer network. On the right is my right-hand man Jared Rigney who takes care of everything else.


From the recording industry: George Massenburg and his son Sam on the right, EveAnna and myself on the left.


Me with Steve Hoffman, one of the coolest folks I've known for a number of years. Steve has saved and re-mastered some legendary recordings, including some of my favorite recordings of all time, like Jethro Tull Aqualung, and The Doors. He uses Upscale Audio tube often, and uses some of the very best and rarest vintage tubes and equipment in his work.


Mizz PrimaLuna, the incomprable Dominique Chenet, Herman's significant other and also a much better driver than Herman...


Okay.. good story behind this shirt. Prior to moving into our suite, we were charged $300 to remove the bed and to move around furniture. We had to tell them in advance where to move things and we weren't allowed to move any furniture ourselves...


The back of the T-shirt. The Venetian also would not allow exhibitors to bring in outisde water, sodas, M&Ms, or any other food. The only way we could have food in our suite was to order through their room service. These are the actual prices the hotel was charging for various items. No... that's not 300 "pesos nuevos." That is in U.S. dollars...



Instead of a crack house... it's a cracker house. EveAnna's stash of contraband M&Ms, illegal cheese and cracker assortment, and taboo sodas. Talk about a shady group of miscreants...


 Needless to say, EveAnna got a little "talkin' to" over the phone by CES about the shirts. So in order to not get yelled at when they showed up in person, she walked around incognito with a badge she made for our national sales manager Rocky.
Click here to see Rocky working at his computer.


The Stereophile party with assorted ne'er-do-wells. Me and EveAnna with our "Tube Pimp" and "Tube Biatch" bling. Dominique in the middle with EveAnna's Singapore distributor on the left.


Herman getting a drink from the cocktail waitress. He wanted to make sure she got recognized for her excellent service.


Every year, the week after CES there is a huge motorcycle auction in Vegas, and I miss it every year. This year I swore I'd go, so I did. I registered to buy, but was too distracted by the show to make any deal.


One of the ones I had my eye on was this 1958 Triumph, the same year I was born.


An MV Augusta factory race bike. I have a couple modern MV Augusta bikes which are my pride and joy. Had I bought this I couldn't have rode it on the street. I guess I could've put it in the living room or something...


 EveAnna suggested this bike might be more my speed. Ha ha ha...