Consumer Electronics Show 2006

The show reports are in...

PrimaLuna makes the top of the list of Michael Fremer's Memorable Sounds in his 2006 show report. You can read Fremer's entire show report in the Analog Corner from the April 2006 issue of Stereophile.

Robert Deutsch comments on the PrimaLuna ProLogue Six Seven monoblocks.
Robert later reviewed the ProLogue Sevens and the ProLogue Three preamp for Stereophile later that year.

Tubeheads Unite!
EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs, Dennis Had of Cary Audio, and yours truly making nice-nice at CES. EveAnna and Dennis are both dear friends of mine and I have a blast hanging out with them, whether at CES, or down the road at a sushi bar.


We were very pleased to have the honor of introducing to the United States the new Sonus Faber Amati Anneversario, from the Homage series. These speakers are [now]$30,000/pair, and they had enough confidence in our new PrimaLuna ProLogue Six & Seven monoblocs to let us have them. Our room was certainly one of the most exciting, being visited by many top journalists more than once. One writer made three visits, the first time for an hour, the second to "re-create the experience," and the third to bring a friend to listen.


Most manufacturers don't want to do what we do: take their products and open up the insides. Most manufacturing isn't worth showing. These were stock units right out of the box, and people were amazed at the fit and finish and quality of parts.


This year at CES, we debuted the ProLogue Six and ProLogue Seven monoblock amplifiers. The feedback we had from all the folks coming and going was incredible.


Some of the dearest people in my life. On the left EveAnna Manley of Manley labs, with whom I ride motorcycles and eat sushi when we get a free moment. My partners Herman van den Dungen and Dominique Chenet, with whom I spend my summers at Herman's house in France. Everybody drinking copious amounts of wine while I watch.


Two cool guys...not exactly the Blues Brothers.


What? You think I lift all the equipment myself? That's what these guys are for! On the left is Cy Bolton, Upscale Audio's press guy who I have write all my press info and makes me look smart, and Jared Rigney who's been with me for years and is my right-hand man.


Billy, Kevin, and Dennis posing with some of the characters from "Avenue Q" which is a comedy show at the Wynn. This picture is appropriately named "Dummies with Dummies." You'll never guess where Billy tried to stick his hand to get Kevin to talk...


Herman, Kevin, and Dominique hanging out in Las Vegas after CES. Kevin wanted to look cooler than his friends, so we Photoshopped a pair of glasses on him. This is becoming a CES tradition, as in 2004 EveAnna Photoshopped some glasses on him in a picture of Kevin posing with Tom Jones. Why? Because Kevin looks weird in pictures...







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