Concorso Italiano and Concorse d'Elegance

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Concorso Italiano and Concorse d'Elegance

Downtown Monterey after dinner. From the left: Margaret, Byron, Jefferey, Jennifer, and yours truly. Jennifer likes to poke fun at me. My car's plate says “TUBEGUY” so she started calling it “TUBEGAY”.

So on a website where we gather I took this photo:


and made this one:

So watch it when you mess with me. I have Jared and Photoshop. PS... I'm not anti-gay.


A Ferrari Lusso. One of my favs at the Concorso on Friday.


Keith Martin of Sports Car Market... my fave magazine.


You'll often see this guy at the Saturday Historics at Laguna Seca...


An original Chaparral. That was the celebrated marque for the weekend of racing. I remember having the Cox slot-car of this when I was a kid and it just thrilled me to see one in person.


Another fave of the weekend: an early Alfa Romeo racecar. At Pebble Beach Concours D' Elegance on Sunday.