A nice note from Ricardo

Dear Kevin,

After 3 months of dealing with you and your staff, I felt it was necessary to put my experiences in writing.

To start I have always loved music, unfortunately for the last 30 years or so I stopped listening to music, the reason, well I could never connect emotionally to any of the formats available, hated all digital formats, refused to listen to the crap on Itunes or any mp3. So I resigned myself to listen to music only when I attended a concert.

Well, last year I decided that I needed to do something about it, so I started a long and tedious process of research and auditioning different gear.

The closest I came, to what I was looking was a solid state preamp and amp, costing way north of 10K, but still not happy, no emotional connection to the music, everything still sounded harsh, brittle, and to be completely honest music sounded like someone running their nails across a blackboard.

Now, fortunately, I came across some reviews about the Primaluna products, the professional reviewers and countless of forums all agreed that these products were well worth the money and some of the best when it came to build quality and sound wise rivaling products being sold for twice or triple the cost. Little did I know that all those reviews were to come way short.

So I pick up the phone and called Upscale Audio, and after a long and very enlighten conversation with you, I placed an order for the Primaluna Dialogue preamp. A few days later a received the unit and after incorporating to my Home Theater system, all solid state, I downloaded my first piece of High res music.

Press play on my Oppo and…. Oh man !!!! here it is, the emotion, the soul, all those terms that reviewers talk about, I was able to understand, imaging, depth, warmth and so on.

A couple of weeks later, a noticed that my solid state amp was not up to par with the preamp, you and I had another conversation about amplification and based on that I ordered the Primaluna HP amplifier, with the KT 120 tubes.

It was received and plugged in, first song was played and it literally brought tears to my eyes, here we are, actually listening to a concert, or sitting at a bar in New Orleans and listening to Jazz or the Blues, even my wife which has never cared about any of this stuff, is sitting down and listening to music with me.

Now I’m in heaven, absolute nirvana.

A couple of weeks later we spoke again about my phono preamp, and you recommended the Manley Chinook, by now I am totally convinced by the extent of your knowledge and that what you really are interested, is the not on the sale but, that you approach every system as it was your own, so taking your advice I order the Manley, and Oh Boy were you right, before I was in Heaven, now with the Chinook, I have no words to describe to what I am listening to.

A couple of days later I called regarding some ringing I was experiencing with the Chinook, and as always you took hours of your time to discuss the causes and solutions, during those discussions you said something to me that I have not heard in many years and proves that your commitment is not to sell something but to make sure your customers purchase the best system for their budget, you said and I quote” Rick you do not have to buy everything from me, just get what is best for your system”

So based on that recommendation I upgraded my cartridge to a Kiseki Blue, from a dealer in my area, and Kevin once again you were right on the money, the cartridge, phono stage, preamp and power amp are a match made in heaven.

Later while having a conversation with Kat, from your office, about cables specifically power cables, which by the way, I always thought it was nothing but snake oil, and then talking to you about it, I decided to order Nordost cables based on your recommendation.

Well some of them arrived today. I used them on the Primalunas, and….. HOLY SH*&T WOW !!!! Now I have the orchestra in my living room, the singer is right in front of me, there is nothing between me and the artist.

Today, when I listen to music it feels, like the orchestra or the artist, are performing exclusively for me while in my living room, in the most intimate setting, the bass, clear defined and tight, mids rich, luxurious and intimate, highs, perfect, the way notes linger in the room, the depth and imaging all I can say is WOW !!

Thank you for your care and expertise, the way you and your staff have helped me thru this process goes beyond of what is the norm. Thank you for letting me connect with music again. These are the best dollars I have ever spend, my only problem, I am becoming a hermit !!

Ricardo Illanes

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