Customer Comments -

A nice note from Dave


A while ago you helped me with a problem on a used tube amp that I recently purchased from Upscale Audio. You were as disappointed as I was when the amp presented with a problem in the biasing circuitry. Upscale was there for the whole return/repair process and you, in particular, worked it out with me to exchange for a brand new PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Premium. First of all, this was exceptional treatment because of the clear Upscale Audio policy on used equipment. The second part of this, is the performance of the PL HP amp; it is simply AWESOME! I have been on the audio equipment merry go round for far too long; the PL HP just ended that ride, and in the nick of time. I was seriously getting burned out by the lure of better x,y,z components, only to realize that long term results were unfulfilling and annoying; totally against the grain of my goal... to just hit play and relax into the music. I was about to hand in the towel, sell all the stuff I have collected, and settle with a headphone setup. This PL HP amp is a component of wonder. It seems the entire system sings as a musical instrument itself; I believe the word I'm looking for here is 'coherence'; there is just a rightness to the presentation that is inherently musical. I have reached my own 'absolute sound' thanks to YOU and the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Premium.

Turbo Kudos to the entire PrimaLuna design, supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing, and quality assurance, and logistics team. You have won another uber happy customer.

Warm and Totally Tubular Regards,

Dave P.