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A nice note from Bill

Kevin and Craig,

My Focal Electra 1028 Bes arrived Monday. My audio journey, like most I suppose, has been dictated by finances. I worked my way up through Antique Sound Lab and Jolida integrated amps. Tried speakers from vendors like EPOS, Paradigm and such but always went back to my Celestion SL6Ss because they sounded superior to me.

As my financial situation improved over the past year I looked for better equipment and thankfully stumbled onto your PrimaLuna videos. Kevin, you helped me get a Dialogue Premium HP integrated to replace my Jolida 302CRC. Pairing that with the Celestions was like going from AM to FM radio in sonic improvement.

I don’t have the words to describe the difference the Electra 1028s make. I struggle to comprehend how there can be such a massive transformation in fidelity. I feel like I have been living the delusion of audio excellence up until now. I'm sure my other gear was superior to most of the commercial stuff out there. I knew there was better. But how could it be this much better?

I listened to a cover of Lionel Richie’s Easy from the Baby Driver Soundtrack CD performed by Sky Ferreira that happened to arrive Monday as well. It is interpreted in a melancholy way. It starts out with some chord arpeggios on a single electric guitar and then her vocals come in. The guitar, the vocals, the other instruments building throughout sounded so present and real it was overwhelming. I found myself fighting back tears. I had no idea music could be reproduced like this and this was off a CD! Beautiful.

When I think that you guys get to listen to this equipment and even better – that must be wonderful. For me, this is the best equipment I will ever own, and how could I not be satisfied with that. I am blessed. I can’t thank you enough.
Craig, thank you for the wonderful deal and helping me to select these over the Aria 926s.

Kevin, you sell audio equipment and I’m sure you make a good living at it, but this is what I think. You love this stuff so much that you will work as hard as you can to get the best possible equipment into the hands of your customers. It is more to you than the money.

I have always loved listening to music. I could never have imagined it could be like this. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Perhaps a phono cartridge recommendation and maybe someday a better turntable. I know you guys will steer me in the right direction within the budget I have to spend.

With kindest regards,


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